Oh classic. A website. Yep, absolutely route one stuff here from old Reej. Reej is me by the way. Rhys James. I got a bit excited listening to a podcast once and decided 10% off at SquareSpace was too hard to resist so I popped down to my local internet café and composed this little lad of an online presence. It’s not great stuff to be fair to you. I respect you far too much to tell you this is an excellent website - but show me some respect for once and ask yourself: “Who uses websites anymore?” Exactly. No one, globally. Do people like the personal touch with websites? Writing in the first person? I guess it’s hard to tell because no one has been on a website since 2003. Darn. Well, to be completely open, this isn’t Rhys. It’s one of his many employees. He demanded I write in this style so people feel closer to him, like they can get to know him, when in reality, this whole facade just makes him even more enigmatic. It’s clever really. Anyway, Rhys is a comedian, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I, the genuinely neutral copy writer for this website, say, that he is my favourite comedian in the world.

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